Still here…

First, I didn’t post because Blogger gave me a hard time about uploading photos…

… then I got busy…

Later, I didn’t post because I was working on Christmas gifts, and didn’t want to post them and ruin the surprise…

… then I got even busier…

Now, I can’t post because I shipped my laptop off to California because any sane person will tell you that 45 minutes is WAAAAAAAY too long for a 6-month old laptop to take… just to turn on!!

… and even so I’m still pretty busy!

I’m catching up on Google reader (only 498 more posts to scroll through!), because even though I’ve been MIA, the rest of blog-land has been very active!

I will tell you that not only is my wonderful husband letting me hijack his laptop so I can write this post… but he ALSO got me a beautiful SLR for Christmas! (sorry, ladies, he’s taken… and no, he does not have any brothers… but he DOES have a single male 20-something cousin in the Los Angeles area…)

Anyway, I hope that your holidays were as nearly-perfect as mine… and soon, after the holiday decorations are packed away, the shop-quilt I’m working on is pieced, my sewing room gets back to (somewhat) working order, and my laptop makes it back from its interstate journey… I will be back. : )

Bonus points if you got the California-governor-movie-star reference. : )

Until (hopefully) very soon!


  1. searching for “around the block” – California with Carolina – free quilt blocks

    thank you

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