HGTV’s Design Star Season 6 Starts Tonight!

I’m so excited for Season 6 of HGTV’s Design Star – which starts tonight! 12 designers, all in competition for one amazing prize. The winner will get their own show on HGTV!

This isn’t some ameteur-hour TV show where a bunch of kids right out of college pretend to design. These are 12 serious designers, who have been working in the field, creating professional designs. And for an entire season, HGTV throws the most impossible situations at them.

This is the kind of stuff you wouldn’t see on any other reality show. It is the equivalent of having a cooking show – then moments before the chopping starts, telling the contestants that they will have no access to any heat sources. Or a singing competition that requires contestants to sing their chosen song backwards… but still make it sound authentic.

These designers are given crazy challenges, and even crazier time constraints, and most are able to make it through beautifully. It makes attempting to be a craft blogger that has a full-time job and is the mother of a busy 2 year old sound totally reasonable!

And then there are the judges. I fell in love with Vern and Genevieve years ago when they were on Trading Spaces. I had dreams of Vern re-doing the master bedroom, and Genevieve tackling the downstairs. When I started watching this show, I saw them in a totally new light… as critics. And although Genevieve has the sweet edge I would expect, Vern becomes the stern High School Principal, letting nothing slide.

If you haven’t watched the show before, check out the archive of past episodes on, and then gear up for the Design Star Season 6 Premiere Tonight at 9pm/8c on HGTV!


This post is part of a sponsored campaign by Crafterminds and HGTV Design Star. My opinions are my own.


    1. I am so excited! I love this show. it is definitely one of my favorite shows.

    2. Sounds like a great TV show! I don’t know if I have HGTV here…

    3. I used to watch Trading Places and Vern and Genevieve were a hoot. I never watched Design Star, but I think I have to check it out.

    4. I’ve never heard of this show, but I love shows like this. The creative tensions…the passion…the unfolding. Such fun!

    5. Sounds interesting! I’ve never seen it – have to check it out 🙂

    6. I am so excited!!! I have to record it because Lukus is watching something else- but I will watch it later tonight!

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