Yo Yo Bangle Bracelet

A couple weeks ago, Arrow Cabinets sent a call out on their blog for contest entries in their Yo-yo contest.

You might ask, what is a yo-yo? Essentially, it is a little gathered fabric circle. In the past, I’ve had absolutely no use for yo-yos. I’ve always thought they were very “granny” looking. Since I won the last Arrow contest with my cactus pincushion, I thought I would give it another go… with the true challenge being finding a way to make yo-yos look cute.

Each bracelet uses about 25 mini yo-yos, and took a couple hours to make. They require some tiny stitches and nimble fingers, but there is nothing especially tricky about making them.

If you want to make your own, here is a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how…

Scrap fabric
Fabric marking pen
Needle & thread
Bangle bracelet
Scrap of felt
Gorilla Glue

I started out by tracing my quarter on the fabric. I used a fabric marking pen that disappears over time.
I then cut out the circles, just outside the marker line. You can see the ink is already starting to fade.
I grabbed my needle and thread and started stitching. Using small stitches, I folded in the edge, and did a simple “up and down” through the layers with my needle.
This is what it looked like after I stitched all the way around.
I carefully pulled the thread tight. Carefully, because pulling too hard might cause the thread to snap. I then tied a double knot, and cut the threads close to the knot.
Using the hole as the top center, I squished the little fabric ball between my fingers to make it flat. This is what a completed mini yo-yo looks like:
Using coordinating thread and tiny stitches, I started attaching the yo yos to the bangle.
I used stitches on the back, as well as tiny stitches on the front so the yo-yos would lay flat.
Here is the bracelet with all the yo-yo attached.
Then it was time to attach the craft felt. I used a strip in a coordinating color a 1/4″ wide.
I glued the felt to the inside of the band with Gorilla Glue. This not only hides the bangle and the stitches on the back, but when the glue dries it supplies additional support, and makes sure that the yo-yos don’t twist around the bangle.
The hardest part was waiting to let it dry…

Finished… now time to make some more!

Click here to see all the Yo-yo Contest entries.


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  1. These are really cute! I will admit when you said yo-yo…I was thinking of the toy! How long did it take you to make these?

  2. When I was a teenager I used to do head bands for my ponytails using the same technique. That’s a great activity I can do with my niece. She loves crafts.

  3. This is so cute!

  4. Wow, it’s a really cute bracelet!!! I will try this!

  5. Oh, how cute! You always make these things look so simple. I am impressed.

  6. These are so cute! Unfortunately I don’t have nimble fingers and can’t sew worth a darn so I’d have to perhaps e-mail a certain blogger and see if she’d be willing to make one for me. *ahem* Heehee.

  7. Aww these are adorable!!!! These are so well done!!!

  8. Very cute!!! You should submit to One Pretty Thing

  9. Very cute!

  10. Those are so pretty, but I would get frustrated after trying to make the first tiny yo-yo. I am so not crafty like that at all and I am totally jealous of crafty people like you.

  11. You made the yo yo look modern by putting it on the bracelet. Great job!

  12. These are too cute! Fun idea.

  13. You make it look so easy! You are so talented! Love it!

    I’m a new follower from the blog hop!
    Hope you’ll hop by and visit my blog too!
    Have a great Sunday!

  14. Oh my gosh!!! The patience you must have to have made all these. Wow. I’m in awe!

  15. Very late to the game here, but had to tell you what a cute idea this is!! So feminine without being all grandma-doilie-ish. Love it! Thanks for linking up. 🙂

  16. These are adorable. Another cute use for the yo-yo. I used to think they were rather “Grannyish” too.

  17. Umm, this is pretty much the coolest DIY I’ve found in some time. Thank you for adding another project to my list 🙂

  18. SO creative and adorable! Great project. I just came across your site through Stumble Upon and now you’ve gotten a new follower. So glad to have found you!


  19. This is adorable! I want to add this to my to-make list, but not sure I would ever actually do it… lol. Too small and fiddly, and too much hand sewing for me. I’m spoiled by my machine I guess.

  20. totally cute

  21. Really pretty! Do you have any trouble with it twisting when you wear it? I love it!

  22. LOVE THIS!!! My Nana and I used to spend HOURS making Yo-Yo’s, might have to make us both one of these!!

  23. Anonymous says

    So that’s what a hand crafted yo yo looks like. It’s good actually, but I guess giving it some colors will make it more beautiful.
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  24. This is so cute! Yo-Yo’s look pretty easy to make…bet I could do it!

  25. I bet you could do the same thing using ribbon or elastic instead of a bangle.

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