BlogHer 2011 Mini Recap

I’m back from BlogHer, and I had a blast… there was a lot going on, and it went by way too fast… but it was fun and I’m glad I went. I even managed to get some crafting in! There is no way that I could tell you about everything that happened… but here’s a little sampling:

1) BlogHer Logo carved in soap. 2) A couple of the lunch tables on Saturday. 3) Me being a goof in the P&G booth. 4) Yes, that is the Statue of Liberty made out of Twizzlers. 5) Being a Ham with the guy from the Swiffer commercials. 6) Mr. Potato Head has a new look. 7) Vegan cupcakes. They were so much yummier until Jennifer told me that they were Vegan. 8) Me hanging out on Sesame Street with my peeps – Elmo and Cookie Monster. 9) Yummy looking oranges. 10) Giant toilet that screamed for a goofy photo – anyone sense a theme? 11) 3M’s booth covered in Post-its 12) Outside of the Lowe’s Booth. 13) Awesome session that I went to – the sessions were so great I took notes instead of pictures. 14) Cool new containers. 15) A giant high heel made entirely of Pepsi cans. 16) Me at the end of the day, crashing on the Tropicana couch.

This is only a tiny fraction of what I experienced, which is only a tiny fraction of what went on at the conference. Thanks to all the awesome ladies at breakfast and lunch. The speakers who so freely shared their expertise. And all the BlogHer gals. It is so nice to meet you someplace beyond this screen.



  1. Oh you were so good taking photos with your camera!! I think you took about 14 more photos than I did – for some reason I just barely took the camera out. Weren’t the sessions great? I really enjoyed the ones I went to – such great speakers. I hope to watch some of the others online. I am somehow unable to follow more people right now on twitter, but as soon as it lets me, I’ll be clicking your @ 🙂

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