Bright Star Kids Labels Review

Between the two blogs, a full-time job, and a kiddo, trying to keep everything straight gets tough… and sometimes things get mixed up or lost (I’m pretty certain that half of Little Moore’s underwear has gone missing since we started potty training).

Although I love making handmade items for LM, because of all the effort that goes into them, I don’t want them to get lost. With all that goes on at Daycare, it would be very easy for this to happen. That’s why I was so excited to try out the Bright Star Labels. When the wonderful people at Bright Star offered me one of their amazing value kits, I chose the Round Labels Value Kit, which came with a bag tag of my choice, large labels, small labels, and (most important for me) iron-on labels. I got to pick the color, design, and wording for the label, which was perfect. There was lots of color and design choices for me to pick from.

Less than a week after making my selection, the labels were already at my door! With the label package were clear covers so that I could use the large labels as shoe labels. Awesome! Little Moore has been refusing to keep his shoes on, and this way I don’t have to worry about his shoes getting mixed up with the shoes of some other stubborn child – because I’m sure my child can’t be the only one who is constantly determined to have his own way… right?

The large labels and clear covers were super easy to apply to the bottom of his shoes… even though the sole is no longer completely flat, the labels adhered to the roundness perfectly.

The small labels are exactly what I need for his sippy cups. I have a feeling that there are many lost sippy cups cavorting with the other half of LM’s underwear, out in “Neener-Neener, Can’t Find Us Land” (which is probably located halfway between Candy Land and Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood). I can keep one sheet of the labels in the car, and one sheet in my purse, and just slap a label on any sippy cup before it leaves the car. Since the labels are dishwasher safe, eventually I’ll get each cup labeled!

What I was the most excited (and nervous) about was the iron-ons. I have fabric labels to put in my sewing projects, but often forget to tuck them in when sewing. An iron-on is a great after-the-fact way to label fabric.

But, would the ink hold? Would the iron-on stay through washing and drying? Would I have to spend 30 minutes carefully adjusting my iron settings only to scorch the plastic?

After playing with them, I can tell you that the iron-ons are awesome. They come with two little protective pages to put over the label when ironing. I set my iron on the highest setting, and didn’t have a problem as long as I stayed close and kept an eye on things. I tested a couple of the iron-on labels on LM’s favorite blankets that get a lot of wear. The labels (AND the ink on the labels) held up beautifully through ironing and the wash.

The Bright Star Labels don’t just start and end with these awesome little circles. They have other amazing products like chalkboard labels (and chalk pencils to go along with them), wall decals, and name labels that are great for tagging all the components in your kid’s lunch. It is really hard hanging out at the Bright Star website without finding other things that I don’t think I can survive without! Let me know what great things you find!

Happy Shopping!


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