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I love new blogs! I still remember when I started this blog… which isn’t tough because it was only a year and a half ago that the “shrink wrap” came off (so to speak). I had no idea if I would keep it up. I didn’t know if anyone would care about what I wrote. I just knew that I wanted to create, and to write, and to share.

The statistic of how many blogs get abandoned in the first year is really sad, so I won’t be sharing it here. I will tell you that I was aware of it before I started this blog. I wasn’t sure if my blog would “make it,” so I waited a couple months before I even told my friends and family that I was blogging. It was my little secret… like being 16 again and dating a new guy… and you don’t want the family to meet him and spoil everything. Um, mom… if you’re reading this, that totally never happened in real life. You absolutely met ALL, most, uh… some of the guys I dated.

Always Expect Moore has built up slowly, through trying to post “good” stuff, and working with other amazing bloggers (too many to list here). I want to pay it forward by featuring two new blogs, and ask that you visit them, leave a nice comment, and maybe even follow them if you like what you see.

The first is Crafting to Do. She’s a newbie with a lot of awesome stuff to share. You absolutely want to check out her Lunch Box Purse and she shares awesome gluten-free recipes. Her husband has Celiac, so isn’t supposed to eat anything with gluten. She shares more about the details of Celiac here. What an awesome wife to make sure her hubby can still share in these yummy treats!

The second is Pearl Gateway. I knew I wanted to share her when I saw that she’s doing a card making week this week! I’ve been wanting to find more time to make cards! I love how she has put herself out there – she shared past cards she’s made, and is going to share the new designs she has come up with! Awesome! Kristina has a fun “eye” for doing things a little bit different… there are tons of projects around blogland where people turn paintchips into other things, but this is the first I’ve seen where someone turns something else into a paintchip!

Oh, and AFTER you’ve checked out these lovely ladies and left them wonderful comments (and please do!), feel free to visit my new site that just went live today.



  1. Wow Carolina you are too sweet! I think we will have to do some blog post featuring in the future!

    x’s and o’s

  2. Cute new blog Carolina:)

    You should come check out my magazine and Ruby line giveaway when you get a chance!!

  3. I’m so honored thank you so much!!

  4. I love to discover new blogs! Thank you!

  5. Great features! Both of those blogs sound awesome, I can’t wait to read more on them!

  6. Thanks for sharing— I am always interested in new blogs!

  7. Well… it looks like I am going to be crafting myself 🙂 A couple of things up my sleave …. thank you x

  8. oh boy! new blogs 🙂 I’m off to check up on the newbies 🙂

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