Simple Crackle Birdhouse

I’ve had a blast playing with the new Martha Stewart Crafts Decorative Paint Line, brought to you exclusively by Plaid Crafts. Thanks to these paints, I was able to rekindle my romance with glitter, get inspired and try gilding, paint a quick onesie with the help of the multiple striping brush… and now try one more thing I’ve always wanted to… the Crackle Finish!

This amazing paint line not only has 160 colors (in five finishes including metalic and glitter) and some amazing tools and stencils… but it also has some great mediums to make the paint even more versatile! One of these is the Crackle Effect. I’ve always wanted to try out a crackle effect… and here was my chance!

I did make sure to read all the directions thoroughly, especially because this was my first time using this finish. And, because it was my first time, I decided to start with a smaller project. It is always better to mess up something small than something big… but my fears were unfounded. This little guy turned out great!

I started out with a plain wooden birdhouse:
I painted it with matte yellow from the Martha Stewart Crafts Paint line.
I then added a coat of the Crackle Effect, and let it all dry.

After a couple hours, I painted on matte blue. Maybe it was the record-high temperatures we’re having here in Vegas, or maybe it was that I was painting with the ceiling fan on… but before I’d even gotten the whole thing painted, the crackle already started showing!

This was so easy to use… I’m going to have to find an excuse to crackle more things in the future!

You should crackle too… you can find this paint line exclusively at Michaels stores, and it is just starting to appear on shelves now!


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  1. You’re on a roll this week. I’m loving all the tutorials. I’ve always wanted to give crackle paint a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. This is so cute! There are birds that are nesting on trees near our garden, well, I don’t know what kind of bird they were but they look so cute. I’m inspired to make one, maybe they would want to live in such. Good bright colors would be perfect for this bird house!

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