Modern Quilt Guild Habitat Challenge

I know I’ve mentioned before that I love challenges. Seriously. Love ’em. They force me to do something I might not otherwise do. In some cases, that’s work with fabrics I might not pick on my own. In some cases, the rules require me to think in a way I otherwise wouldn’t. And in all cases, there are deadlines. Deadlines that require me to get a project done. Or, well… done-ish.

The challenge was the Modern Quilt Guild’s Free Spirit Habitat Fabric Challenge. Everyone in the guild was given fat eighths of fabric from Jay McCarroll’s “Habitat” line. I’ll be honest. This is not fabric that I would ever pick to work with. It is too… wild? The colors are too… crazy? I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, but one thing is certain. This fabric is so, so, so not me.

Only a few days after getting our fabrics, I was introduced to English Paper Piecing. It was a technique I’d never tried before… so I thought why not try it on this fabric? I thought it would be fun to use an old, hand-sewn technique on these very modern fabrics. And, since English Paper Piecing is done by hand, I thought I’d have a good chance of getting it all done… since several trips out of town were going to be keeping me away from the sewing machine.

But, time snuck away from me. I seriously thought I had another few weeks. Then on Wednesday I realized that I had to have my project done by Saturday night! AACK! It was a rush to finish. But I didn’t want to rush too much, and ruin the quilt!

If you’ve liked my Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen some of my messages about my progress over the last day or so. Progress that didn’t go as fast as I’d hoped.

It got done enough to present it at the meeting. I still need to quilt in the large blue areas (probably using a small stipple… which I want to practice first), and then bind it. But, it is all in one piece with everything stitched down, and some of the quilting started.

What do you think – was this a good way to use my challenge fabrics?

If you want to see how the other guild members used their challenge fabrics, check out my post over at the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild Blog.



  1. Love your quilt! It turned out amazing!!!

  2. your quilt is very cool. love how those pieces tumble down it. can totally agree about the fabric–looked at all of habitat and most of it isn’t anything i’d pick either!! you did a great job as did all your quilt guild friends–so fun to see all the different ideas people came up with!! have a great day

  3. I love challenges for the same reasons. And that’s a very interesting piece, have fun finishing it!

  4. I too love challenges, and well done to you for completing this one…. lovely outcome!

  5. Challenges are what makes me wanna get up and go in the morning…..something to thrive for….

    Your quilt is gorgeous. I love handmade quilts and the stories behind every and each of them.

  6. I’m loving your quilt. kind of gives me the idea to do a pixelated design – or maybe cool appliqued branches with little birds alit on them.

  7. I think you absolutely rose to the challenge…. this quilt is right up my ally!!!!

  8. It turned out great & I actually love the fabric! But look you got a challenge & got to step outside your comfort zone 🙂

  9. That is an awesome quilt! unique in design! I think thats rest. I keep trying to find a craft that calls to me but I’ve yet to find one! One of these days I tell you! I tried knitting I’m okay at it. I am frightened of crochet (one needle is just weird LOL) next i’m going into leather journal creation! Woo

  10. Beautiful! I never fail to look at such beautiful work and wish I could do it 🙂

  11. Your quilt is beauitful!

  12. I love seeing what everyone did with this challenge and I am in LOVE with yours Carolina! Beautiful!

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