No-Sew Headband with Fabric Feathers – Headband Week

This headband is fun to make, and requires absolutely no sewing! And, it can look dramatically different based on how many of the fabric “feathers” you add. I did two different sides, one with lots of feathers, and one with less, and added a fun rolled flower where the two met up, for a little more pizazz. Though, with the bold colors of this fabric, I think it has a lot of pizazz already!

The no-sew feathers are made using this printed fabric from Art Gallery fabrics. I cut two rectangles of the fabric, and put the first right-side-down on my ironing board.

I ironed some Heat-n-Bond to the back of the fabric.

After peeling away the paper on the Heat-n-Bond, I put the second piece of fabric right-side-up on top of the first. I was careful to line up the print on the feathers, so that I would have double-sided feathers. you can see at the top of the picture where the feathers line right up!

Then it was time to cut out all the feathers. I cut around each one, in preparation for gluing them onto my chosen headband.

Just using my hot glue gun, I glued the feathers in place. On one side, I glued them on very densely. On the other, I was more sparse.

The two halves met up off-center, where I added a rolled fabric flower. I’m no fabric flower expert, so here is a link to the fabric flower tutorial I used over at Jones Design Company.

In case you missed the first headband post for headband week, go check out the Yo-yo Headband tutorial that I posted yesterday. I’ll be posting another fun tute tomorrow!


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  1. This is so cute! Do you mind if I feature it on my blog? (

  2. I LOVE this! Now to find some feather fabric!

  3. I love this Cara!

  4. Thank you Cara for using our product in such a creative way. I can way to see more!!!! Love it!!!

  5. Did you find that the edges of the fabric frayed at all once you got some wear out of it?

    • I didn’t have issues with the fabric fraying – it isn’t cut right on the grain, because it is cut into the feather shapes, and the feathers themselves don’t get a lot of wear and tear while sitting on top of a head. I imagine they would get more wear being stored in a drawer where they were pushed about.

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