Prairie Air Quilt

Yay! Another quilt in my Charming Solids personal challenge complete! That makes three. Of a possible seven so far. Not exactly an impressive showing, but I keep plugging away… and it isn’t like I haven’t been busy over here working on all kinds of projects!

This one is made with another set from the Charming Solids club from Pink Chalk Fabrics. This one used the fabric line “Salt Air”, and added fabric for the inner and outer borders.

The borders are a bit wavy, but that should quilt out. It is probably because the setting triangles are all bias edges, and that made for inaccurate measuring when cutting the strips for the borders. Good to remember, next time I’ll be sure to cut my border strips 1/2 inch or so shorter to prevent the waves.

1. Take 1 charm pack and fold all squares into prairie points by folding in half diagonally to make a triangle, pressing, then folding in half diagonally again to make a smaller triangle. Put aside.
2. Cut the solid fabric into 5″ squares. From these squares, cut 6 in half diagonally to make 12 triangles. Put aside.
3. From the second charm pack, cut 7 squares in half diagonally to make 14 triangles. Put aside.
4. Sew the remaining solids and charm squares into pairs with one solid and one charm square each.
5. Stitch these pairs into rows – 2 rows of 2, 2 rows of 4, 2 rows of 6, 2 rows of 8, 2 rows of 10, and 1 row of 11.
6. Stitch a triangle from step 2/3 to the end of each row. You will have 4 left, sew these into pairs for the corners.
7. Lay out your strips, then stitch the rows together to make the center of the quilt top.
8. Cut the inner border fabric into 2 1/2″ strips. Measure and cut to the length and with of your quilt, and sew on.
9. Pin the charm squares in place around the quilt top.
10. Cut the outer border fabric into 5″ strips. Measure and cut to the length and width of the quilt, and sew on.
All done!

Oh, and here is the obligatory photo of Little Moore laying on the quilt top. He was kind enough to wait until I was done taking my pictures before taking his turn.

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