Elmers GE Simple Service Presentation

Recently, I had the chance to try out GE’s Energy Saving Lightbulbs, and share how much money I will save by making the switch. I made this little presentation board using Elmer’s products to illustrate the energy savings:

The bulbs in my display board look like stained glass! Glittery stained glass!

I’ll show you how to make them yourself!

Here is what you will need:

Elmer’s 22×14″ Tri-Fold Display Board
Elmer’s Classic Glitter Glue in Yellow
Elmer’s Classic Glitter Glue in 10 Glamorous Colors
Elmer’s Project Popperz
Coffee Filters
Craft Knife
Felt-tip markers
Small glass or cup

You can check out my shopping trip for these supplies here, if you like!

1. Use your cup or glass to trace 6 circles, 3 on each side of the display board. Then draw a U shape under each circle to make a light bulb shape
2. Carefully cut out each light bulb shape with a craft knife
3. Trim your coffee filter, and cover with a generous amount of Elmer’s Glitter Glue in Yellow. Spread the glue evenly with a paintbrush. (At the end of this post I give you a great tip to make this go faster!)
4. Attatch the coffee filter, glue side forward, to the back of the display board, covering the holes. Repeat until all holes are covered.
5. Add the savings information from the front of the package using a felt tipped marker.
6. Draw a pennant around the savings information with the blue Elmer’s Glitter Glue
7. Fill in with a light layer of Elmer’s Glitter Glue.
8. Use the Elmer’s Project Popperz to calculate the savings. Add a line of Elmer’s Glitter Glue under the first two lines. If desired, add a rectangle in green Glitter Glue around the final savings amount.
9. Trace around each light bulb shape with a felt tipped marker to give it a finished look.

 The GE Energy Saving Light Bulbs are wonderful. Unlike my old energy-saving light bulbs, they actually fit where they are supposed to!

Champions for Kids is on a mission to ensure that all kids have the resources they need to thrive. As a craft blogger, I believe this includes great art supplies, so that kids can be creative in the classroom. My son and I did this simple service project by packing up these supplies to take to the preschool.

My son fell asleep in the car on the way there, but I was able to wake him up and take him inside. It is never too early for kids to learn about donating, service, and sharing.

Oh… and here is that tip I promised you! If you’re doing a lot with glue, don’t put it down right-side-up each time. The glue will trickle back to the bottom! Instead, put it in a glass or cup tip-side-down, and your glue will be ready for you each time you reach for it!

Read more about Elmer’s on the Elmer’s Facebook Page, the Elmer’s Craft It Facebook Page, or #GluenGlitter on the Glue N Glitter Facebook page. You can learn more about Champions for Kids on the Champions for Kids Facebook Page, or follow Champions for Kids on Twitter.

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  1. I liked your post a lot Carolina. I didn’t know you could save that much money using energy saving lightbulbs. I also enjoyed your tip on putting your glue bottle upside down in a jar.I will definitely use that tip when i’m using wood glue out in the garage.

  2. Amazing savings! Love #Elmers & #Champions for kids. Visiting from DearCreatives.com I remember those days, sweet sleeping boy.

  3. Such a fun craft! Thank you for showing all these steps on how to make stained glass!!

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