Halloween Birdhouse

This Halloween Birdhouse was simple to paint with Crackle Medium and a little glitter paint (the only glitter I’ll use because it actually stays put instead of leaving a plague of glitter behind). Just a few simple coats all in one evening. It is a simple little decor piece that I can add to a tablescape, a wreath, or just set on an endtable for a little Halloween ambiance.

I started off with this wooden birdhouse from Michael’s. It already had the ghost and tombstone cutout on there, but those would be easy to add later as well. In fact, this would be easier to paint if I could add the cutouts afterwards.

 I put on a base of orange paint. Then I quickly and evenly added the crackle medium on top of the orange. Yes, the orange is bright and obnoxious here, but most of it will be covered in the final version.

After applying the crackle on every orange surface, I added the black in quick, even strokes. As the paint dries, it crackles because of the crackle medium between the paint layers.

I added a layer of black glitter paint for a little sparkle… but it also helped give the piece a “finished” look. I painted the ghost with a couple layers of white paint, and the tombstone with several layers of grey paint.

 All I need to do now is figure out a fun Halloween expression to write on the tombstone. I’ll use a fine-tip permanent marker. I’m trying to think of something cheezy and bird related. Any ideas?

I have more fun Halloween crafts to share… be sure to come back!



  1. How about “I was somebody, now I’m some body” or “Barry M.E. Deep” haha!! Love the birdhouse!! you’re amazing xox

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