Cookies Kids Clothes for the Holidays

Recently, I had a chance to purchase some clothes from Cookie’s Kids. It was super-convenient because I was able to shop for kids clothes without dragging the kids along! I was able to sort through giant selection at Cookie’s Kids online. You can see photos of my whole shopping trip in my Google+ Album.

My family has a Christmas tradition. Well, we have several Christmas traditions, but one that all of us kids remember as being one of the toughest was about getting dressed on Christmas morning. My parents wouldn’t let us open any presents until we were all dressed, and the adults had their coffee. My mom insisted that our photos of opening up presents looked nice – not kids with bed-head and wrinkled pajamas. Even if we didn’t have a specific holiday outfit picked out, she still wanted the photos to look nice.

We’ll be spending Christmas with my in-laws this year, but they have a similar tradition. When the kids wake up, they can open their stocking gifts. After the whole family is up, the tree gifts can be opened – these are from the immediate family. And after everyone is dressed, we all travel to another family member’s house where we open the gifts from the whole family. 

Winter fashion on the West Coast, especially for my family, is a little less formal. My oldest is the oldest of all the grandkids on both sides of the family. And as cute as he would look in a button-up and holiday vest, he would not feel comfortable. He’ll already be out of his comfort zone by not being in his own home, I want to make sure that he is wearing comfortable clothes.

I went hunting on Cookie’s Kids for the perfect holiday outfit. There was so much to choose from! I decided my 4-year-old should wear dark slacks. I found his slacks in the “uniform” department. His preschool requires uniforms (khaki pants), so it is good to know that Cookie’s Kids is a great resource to buy his school uniform pants in the future! And the uniform pants have the button-hole elastic waist, which means they fit my tall and skinny preschooler perfectly!

For people nervous about finding the perfect size online, the Alva Kids icon by the size option online tool helps find the perfect fit. I was able to input all my son’s stats, and got the right size sent to me! This was especially helpful because anyone who has bought kids clothes knows that different brands have different measurements. Even on onesies! Kids come in all sizes… and so do their clothes!

I wanted the baby to be comfortable. I found a cute track-suit for him. At 7 months he crawls across the floor, and is trying to walk! Kids style is a little different for my little one and my oldest, but I think that these Kids fashions look great on them!

We already got our holiday portraits done, but I’m considering adding this photo to our Christmas card!

Even in cute clothes, it isn’t easy to get the perfect picture of two active kiddos!

 Cookie’s Kids is online, but also has 7 stores in the NYC area in Bronx, Booklyn, and Jamaica! You can also check them out on Facebook or on Twitter.

There is still time for you to find the perfect holiday outfit at Cookie’s Kids! and with the code alwaysexpectmoore you’ll get 10% off sitewide! (Exp 12/21/12).

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  1. Your boys are ADORABLE!! Makes me miss you so much more!! Will you be in town for Xmas? (forgot where your In laws live..) maybe we can meet up for a quick hello

  2. OH look how big your baby is getting! Love the outfits, great job mom!

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