Kindle Fire Giveaway!

I’ve had my tree up for weeks, and the holiday craziness started earlier than that… but now that it is finally December, I feel like the Holidays have finally begun. I took my boys to visit Santa, soon we’ll start taking detours home at night to check out the Christmas lights…
I wanted to share some of these holiday treats with you… and though you won’t all fit in my car to go see the lights… you can get a gift! I teamed up with some of my bloggy friends to give away a brand new KINDLE FIRE to one of our fans! 
Make sure you enter below… and thanks for being an awesome reader!

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  1. I would definitely keep it!

  2. I have wanted one forever so I would keep it then I could sit it on my little shelf by my sewing machine while I sew and watch netflix or listen to pandora or have the page with the tutorial for whatever I’m sewing open on it… or… or…. 😀 Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  3. I’d love to have one, so I’d keep it!

  4. I would KEEP it! yes I am shouting……
    thanks for a chance to win your great giveaway

  5. I would keep it!!! My husband has one and I use it all the time to read. He might be appreciative…

  6. Wow…how nice! I would definitely keep it. I don’t have anything like this and it would be really nice. Thank you.

  7. I would keep it! I’ve got it on my Christmas list!

  8. I’m not sure if I’d keep it or give it away… So far I’m not too fond of e-books but that might change with the right reader. I just LOVE the feel of actual books.

  9. I would give it to my daughter who really wants one!

  10. If I won the Kindle Fire, I’d keep it for myself because I don’t have one but I’d share it with my husband. ;D
    BendingPins (at)

  11. Yay to Christmas with all the lights and the smells of the xmas tree!! mmm

  12. oops i put my pinterest user name wrong.. sorry
    but i do follow you on pinterest cause i love your crafty ideas :0

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