Christmas – All Wrapped Up

Things have been so busy around here, I haven’t wrapped up Christmas! Yes, the tree is down and the decor has been tucked away… but I have been so busy running from one thing to the next I haven’t sat down and thought about what a beautiful holiday we had.

There was lots of tearing into gifts…

… and even getting some that were exactly what we wanted. Thanks Santa for the Lightning McQueen that flies. Now if only he had white-wall tires…

There were stocking stuffers that were just right. And even a nice little gift from our Elf on the Shelf Ginger. She left us each with a small present before flying back to the North Pole. We hope to see her again soon. I’ve heard several times how much she is missed.

 We played old games… and new games. And old games that were new to us.

 We marveled at the beauty of Christmas… and Christmas Decor.

 And we spent some time just hanging out at the table.

And there was other stuff. There was a baby shower. A funeral. Trips to here and there to visit friends, family, and places. Lots of busy, busy stuff. Some sad. Most good. And with great people. And that is the part I’ll remember most. The people.

I hope you had a beautiful Holiday!

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