A great day for a picnic in the park

I’ve been working hard on Valentine’s Day projects, sewing projects, work projects, secret projects… so many things to do that I could just work through the day from the moment I get up until the moment I go to sleep.

Except that I can’t. Regardless of the other things going on in my life, my priority has to be my boys. I want us to DO something every day. Or almost every day. Three days a week that means preschool. Sometimes it means going to the grocery store. But I like to add some fun things as well. So last week, on a particularly beautiful day, we loaded ourselves up in the wagon and had a picnic at the park…

I love having a park right down the street. It is far enough away that it is an “adventure” to get there, but close enough to swing by on a whim.

And I love that the weather here in Vegas has been so cooperative! Sure, this summer it will get so hot that our park trips will have to be early in the morning… but right now, we’re loving what we have!


  1. aww your boys are just soo adorable!! wish we could have joined you at the park

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