Happy Easter!

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter. We celebrated ours by…

Decorating our Lamb Cake, which was the first time Little Moore uses frosting all by himself.

We dyed Easter Eggs as well… Baby Moore managed to knock over a cup of dye in less than 30 seconds. No pictures of that, though…

We hunted for eggs… using baskets that I stayed up far too late the night before making for my sons. But it was worth it.

(yes, my yard still needs some sprucing… more on that soon!)

And we discovered the chocolates hiding inside the eggs…

There was also monkey bread, and beef dip. Hard boiled eggs. Phone calls to family. Time spent playing, and watching movies. Hanging out.

I hope that your Easter was whatever version of wonderful that is just perfect for you.


  1. Happy Easter! Your kiddos are soo cute!! miss you bunches xoxo

  2. So cute! Love the Little Moores!

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