This week has been brought to you by: The Train to Crazy

This past week, in addition to going to see Thomas with the boys, I’ve been doing a lot of preparation for this NEXT week. And the week after. April is a very busy month around here… I’m speaking at SNAP this week, and then I have the baby’s first birthday party the following weekend. In addition to tracking down RSVPs, I’m preparing business cards and other fun goodies, shopping, making jewelry to go with my new outfits (tutorials to come)… and all the other stuff that comes with preparing to leave the house and hang out with a bunch of awesome crafty bloggers… if you want to learn more about SNAP, I summed up What is SNAP on CraftSnark earlier this week.

Here I shared my Busy Day Fajitas, which are super fast and easy to make, especially on busy days like the ones I’ve been having this week. And I finally shared the fat quarter challenge quilt that I’d been keeping secret while the contest was going on (spoiler alert: I didn’t win… but I still love my finished quilt).

On 30 Minute Crafts I shared a recycled Juice Can lid garland. The garland is hanging in Little Moore’s room… he insisted that he wanted to keep it. I also shared a roundup of over 25 quick and easy Duck Tape crafts. Yes, crafting with Duck Tape is a thing. And you can totally make more than wallets with it!

I also shared a roundup of over 25 sewing tutorials that take less than 30 minutes. There is always time for sewing… and this proves it! Some of my favorite projects are in that roundup.

My sister in law had a baby shower yesterday, and I was bummed that I wasn’t able to go. I did send up some of my 30 minute baby bibs. These are still one of my most popular tutorials… and a go-to gift for me to make for baby showers! I sent some other fun stuff as well that I’ll be sharing soon.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I got some happy mail from Art Gallery Fabrics. I have a fun surprise in the works with these… so stay tuned!
I have a LOT of fun things going on this week… and a few announcements! For now, I’ll leave you with this fun out-take from a photo shoot earlier this week. The boys love getting into whatever mommy is doing… and taking photos is no exception.

I hope you had an awesome week!

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