Cross Stitched Wooden Pendants

When Young House Love posted their latest Pinterest Challenge, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I saw these awesome cross-stitch pendants last month, and was thrilled. I love unusual craft supplies… and cross stitching onto wood? Yeah… pretty unusual.

I bought two of the scalloped edged pendants (they were the only ones left in the shop at the time… I’m sure I’ll purchase more in the future), knowing I was going to stitch one up as a roommate gift for my awesome SNAP roomie, Carissa from Creative Green Living. I ordered them super close to the conference date… and since they ship from Canada, they did not get here in time.

That’s where this Pinterest Challenge comes in. The pendants have been sitting in a stack for a couple weeks… yet another “to do” project with no particular deadline. Which generally means that they’ll be waiting around for a while. So I decided to attack these… which is exactly what this Pinterest Challenge is about. Taking projects that you really want to do, and pushing you to actually do them.

The bird pendant is pretty much the same as the original pendant on the Thompson Family Blog. For the second pendant, I created the pattern myself – it is the SNAP logo. The bird will be going to my roomie – and the second will be going to someone who, while at SNAP, really helped me out. I’m hoping she likes it!

If you want to make one of these pendants, the wooden blanks are laser cut by The Workroom. Currently, she’s sold out, so you might want to try The Geek Room on Etsy.

Here are my tips:
The blanks are laser cut, which burns the wood. Burnt wood can darken the thread, so dark threads are better to use here. Also, using shorter threads will prevent the ends from darkening by getting pulled through the holes so many times.

Be careful while you stitch. The wood has much less give than fabric, and stitching through previous stitches leaves ugly bumps. Try not to snag previous stitches.

After stitching, I sealed the backs with two layers of Mod Podge. This helps secure the threads so that the necklace really lasts.


  1. Great job on those pendants, Carolina!

  2. Great job on these… I love the SNAP symbol! Very creative!

  3. Great Job! Special necklace!

  4. This is so cute! I was wondering if I could include it in a round-up of amazing projects that I’m putting together? I would link back to your post here. Thanks!

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