This week was brought to you by the letter Q

I’m not sure why I picked Q to be this week’s letter. Maybe because it is all crazy and curly, and this week has been crazy enough to make my hair curl. Or maybe because the letter Q makes me giggly… and I could use some giggles today… This is one of those weekends where I had 100 things to do when the weekend started, and when it finished I had 50 things untouched… and 50 things half done. At least there was progress…

Q might be for all the Quilting I’ve been working on. I’d love to say “getting done” but much of it is in varying stages of “progress”.

This past week I shared a fun project I did with Little Moore – a maze that can be re-made in an infinite number of ways. He’s been loving it.

On 30 Minute Crafts this week, I’ve been sharing some fun projects. I whipped up a fun necklace, with lots of great color. I called it the Gumdrop Bead Necklace. I also put together a roundup of fast crafts that can be made with paperclips.

LM graduated from Preschool this week. It was a huge milestone. His very first graduation. I made a boutonniere for him. Unfortunately, one of the other moms brought balloons for her son. My little guy ended up with the second-rate graduation token. Although, he did ask to wear the boutonniere a second day… so I’m going to call that a win.

This week coming up will be fun. On Tuesday, I finally get to share with y’all THREE awesome quilts that I’ve been working on. YAY!

On Thursday, I’ll be taking my oldest to the press screening of the new Monsters U movie. I whipped up some fun shirts for us to wear. I’m sure I’ll be posting it on Instagram, and I’ll have a tutorial for you on 30 Minute Crafts the following week.

If you experience some site outages this week, that’s just me working away on the back-end over here. I’ve got some improvements planned… wish me luck!


  1. love LM’s expression! so thrilled!! but congrats to graduation of pre-school!! that’s huge!! xoxo hugs to you mama

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