Best way to Cut Cake: Cut Cake with a Spool of Thread

cut clean lines of birthday cake with this simple trick!

If you’ve ever taken the time to frost a beautiful cake, you dread the time that it will be chopped up. Sure, you want your guests to enjoy a bite of cake, and you know that dismantling your work of art is part of the process, but seeing all your hard work hacked to crumbs and pieces might make you die a little inside. Instead of attacking your cake with a knife, use a spool of thread for beautiful, clean lines that you might not even notice after cutting! This trick even works on cakes that have been out of the refrigerator for a few hours, with frosting that is a little soft, and cake that is no longer firm.

Grab a spool of thread. Hold the spool in one hand, and the end of the thread in the other. Pull your hands apart so that they are a few inches wider than the with of the cake.use a spool of thread to cut clean lines of birthday cake

With the thread tight, pull the thread straight down over the cake. This will make a clean cut. At the bottom, make sure that the thread reaches all the way down to the cake board (or plate if that is what the cake is sitting on), and pull tight to make sure you have cut cleanly through the whole cake.

Release the thread end, and holding on to the spool, pull the thread out. Repeat the process across the length and width of the cake to cut all of the slices. Then serve your beautifully cut pieces!

Must-know tip! The best way to cut a cake with neat, clean lines - even if it has been sitting out for hours!


  1. I would love to know if you made this yummy looking cake and if so can I have the recipe? It looks so moist. Also, I just stumbled upon you blog and love it! I signed up to get your emails too. I’ll be looking for your recipe, if you have one!
    Thank you,

    • Lisa – I have to admit that I didn’t bake it, I bought it at Costco!
      But, here’s a little “secret” – for my oldest’s 1st birthday, I was expecting a BIG crowd, and didn’t want to spend my time making a giant sheet cake. So, I asked Costco for an undecorated cake – just frosted white. I then decorated it myself to perfectly match the theme (and the smash cake I made him). Time saving, yummy, and nobody had to know!

  2. That’s genius. I’m so using this, thanks! 😉

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