Announcing the Quilty 5k!

I am super excited to announce a new quilting series that I’m starting here, and on my YouTube Channel!

It is called the Quilty 5k! There are 7 blocks in a mile, and 3.1 miles in a 5k. So for the quilty 5k, we’ll be completing 22 blocks. Each will have instructions for stitching it in 3 different sizes, as well as different coloring options and a coloring sheet so you can design your own quilts using the quilt blocks!

Check out all the details in the intro video!

I hope you’ll join in!


  1. Peggy Looby says

    I just found you as the new “sewcialite” for AGF! You lucky dog you! I Liked your vibe & decided to follow up on your site. I am so glad I did! I found a “Quilty 5K”. I’d love to join in. I don’t think I’m too late. I still have to read on about the QAL, if you’d agree that’s what it is. I thought I heard you say you’d show each block & I’m sure there is somewhere to post all our work. It was nice to meet someone so happy today, you made my day! I’m anxious to read on & get started on choosing fabrics! Thanks!

  2. Cyndi Clifton says

    Hey Carolina,
    I just finished your C Side with Stephanie and learned about your new AGF Sewcialite title! I am soooo jealous! I love ALL their fabric! I can’t imagine receiving every single fabric line in the mail! Anyway, that is where I learned of your Quilty 5K also. Is it too late to join in? After all, I need just ONE more thing to do! 🙂

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