California Poppy Quilt Block

Hey quilting friends! I’m so excited about the California Poppy Quilt Block that I’ll be sharing with you today! This is part of a project I’m doing with a whole bunch of other Quilt Pattern Designers. Every week someone is sharing another block representing another state in the US, and all the blocks are free! If you follow along, you’ll be able to make a whole quilt representing all 50 states! Super fun, right?

I moved to California at age 4, and lived in the desert for most of my school-aged years. I’ve since moved around to different parts of California – and boy are they different! California has just about every kind of terrain you could want! Of course people know all about California beaches. We also have fabulous mountains for hiking and winter sports, rocky hillsides perfect for growing grapes (and making wine), beautiful agricultural lands, and the lovely desert where I grew up.

So, when I was tasked with coming up with a single 6″ quilt block that would represent the whole state, I was stumped! What is one symbol that can represent the whole state? And then I remembered our state flower – the California Poppy. When I was a child going on road trips with my family, there would be fields full of these beautiful flowers. People would plan trips to come out and see the poppies. It is very much part of California – and very much part of my childhood growing up here.

The California Poppy Quilt Block is a 6″ block, and is traditionally pieced. I used fabulous Art Gallery Solids to piece my version. You can get your free pattern below, and also get added to our mailing list of fabulous quilters.


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The poppy isn’t just the state flower for California. It has become a symbol of memorial. Originally, it was used to commemorate those who lost their lives in World War One, but has come to memorialize those lost in all conflicts since. It is specifically connected to the Royal British Legion, who say that the Red Poppy is a symbol of remembrance and hope.

Poppies in different colors have different meanings as well, Purple is to remember animal victims of war (in earlier wars, horses and dogs were common parts of the war effort), the Black Poppy is for Africa, Black, and Carribians lost in wars, and the white poppy is both a symbol of remembrance and a symbol of peace.

To honor all of these uses of the poppy as a symbol, I created the Memorial Poppy pattern. You can make your poppy in whatever colors you like, and surround them with a heart.

You can also use this pattern to take any of the 6″ state blocks from this series, and add a heart around it. When finished, the block measures 12″ x 12″. You can purchase the Memorial Poppy Pattern in my shop here.

One of the questions I get asked often is how to piece with such small pieces of fabric! This block finishes at 6″, and that means that some of these pieces are pretty small! My biggest tip when working with small pieces (and bias pieces, though this pattern doesn’t have any pieces sewn on the bias) is to starch my fabrics well. I made a video on starching fabrics that will show you my starching techniques.

If you’re just joining in the Around the Block – US tour, you can find all the details over at the Around the Block Headquarters.

If you’d like to find last week’s pattern you can go to Kissed Quilts, the week before can be found at Appliques Quilts and More. If you want to know where you’ll find next week’s pattern, it will be at Off the Wall Quilts, and the following week will be at Sarah Ruiz Quilts.


  1. I so like each poppy pattern and down here in New Zealand on Anzac Day, when we remember all those who served overseas , it has a special meaning. The Heart memorial one is a delight, so I will be making both.Is there a page where we can see all the other blocks, I have finished Block #1, and #2, and #3 is cut and ready to sew,. Best wishes from Jean, way down south.

  2. Should not be so hard to pick up a free US tour pattern. I still have not gotten the pattern and I did sign up for the newsletter, but still no poppy (California) pattern. Very frustrating

  3. Diana Meadows says

    How do you get to the pattern?

  4. Pauline H Woronko says

    How do I print the poppy pattern?

  5. You have a very difficult site to follow. I fill in the box as requested, and I still don’t the free block. It should have immediately taken me to the download. People don’t do this to waste time. All the buttons just return me to the top of your post….You are not the first with this run around system. This isn’t fun.

    • The pattern gets sent directly to your email. This is great for people who are on their phones, but don’t like having to download things to their phone, they’d like to download it and file it away when they are sitting at their computer. I understand that if you’re eager to download right now, having to head to your email is an extra step. But sending people right to a download page takes them off of my site, and if they haven’t finished reading yet, that is obnoxious as well. I’m having to choose between the lesser of two evils, and I think the email option has more benefits for more people.
      But I’ll continue to consider your comment, and look for a solution that benefits all. <3

  6. Susan Nixon says

    Great new block!

  7. Janis Parsons says

    Thank you!

  8. I’ve not received my download for the Memorial Heart Pattern. I paid with PayPal on Sunday Aug 23.
    Thank you, Bobbie

  9. Hello, I have filled out the subscribe form several times, and I still have not received the link for the California Poppy pattern. Is there any other way to access the pattern? I don’t want to miss it. Thank you for letting me know. The confirmation is not in my email, my spam mail, or anywhere on my computer. I don’t know what the issue is. Is this because it goes to somewhere else other than the place where i want it to go? Which is to my email on my desk top computer. Thank you. I just want the pattern, i am not trying to mess things up.


    • Hi Charlene!
      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so sorry that this has gotten you so upset. I looked at my email program, and it looks like you were sent the block on the 28th. I’ll also be emailing you personally to make sure that you have it.
      Yes, this is supposed to be fun for readers (and for me too). And it isn’t fun for either of us when there are problems. So, I’m totally with you there!
      It took a lot of time for me to create this block. I worked to come up with the idea. Then I worked to create the design. I wrote up a detailed pattern with illustrations to make it easy to follow. And then of course I tested the pattern. All of this takes several days. And I’m happy to share it for free as part of this 50 states program. But I ask that people join my community by signing up for my emails. They can immediately unsubscribe if they like, I can’t stop that. But the vast majority stay because I do create engaging content on a regular basis to share with my community.
      It turns out that my email program was having issues with people who auto-filled out the form. There was no way for me to know about this, and it was out of my control. I have let them know about the issue. I have personally emailed each person who let me know that they had a problem and provided them with the PDF. And I’m responding to every comment here. I apologize that it took me a few days to check my comments, I had my wedding anniversary this week, as well as my children starting Virtual School, which was not at all a smooth process.
      Again, I apologize for the frustration you experienced.

  11. I signed up for the newsletter twice . I have yet to receive the download link for your beautiful poppy block.

    • It looks like my email service is having issues. I don’t see you on the list. I have manually added you, which should have triggered the email. I’ll email it to you an attachment as well.

  12. Susan Green says

    I signed up yesterday and again today and have not received an e-mail with a download link. Yesterday, I got an e-mail sending me to the blog, but nothing else. I checked my spam folder and it is not there either.
    Thank you for the block!

    • Hi Susan, it looks like you were not added to the list, I have manually added you as well as individually emailed you the file, so you should have it for sure now.
      You say that yesterday you got an email sending you to the blog, but you must have me mixed up with someone else. You were not on the list, so you would not have gotten any emails from me.
      Anyway, you should have it now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  13. I recieved my email and downloaded the pattern with no problem! Thank you💕 I don’t mind having it in my email because that’s more convenient for me to print it from my computer. I appreciate all the hard work that the designers go through to release these free blocks, thru this free program! THANK YOU!

  14. Penny Williams says

    Hello, I signed up for the poppy pattern yesterday. I have not received the email link for the download.

    • Hi Penny! I’ve been looking into the issue, and it looks like when the form auto-populates, that it doesn’t trigger the email for some reason. I’ve let my email provider know, since this is a serious issue. I’m so sorry that you were frustrated … that was not the intent here at all!
      I have manually added you to the list, and have sent the file in a personal email as well.

  15. I have tried every day to get the free pattern. I have put in my email address to subscribe and never get any response from you. Is there something else I need to do?
    (I am not the Marilyn from the comment above who had the same problem.)

  16. I have been trying to get this block and have filled out the above to supposedly get it. Nothing yet

    • Hi there! My records show that you were sent the file on the 27th. I’m emailing you an attachment of the pattern as well, to make sure that you have it.

  17. Jacqueline Laslocky says

    I too still cannot get the pattern, although i have subscribed more than ten times! How do we get the pattern if we cannot access it? PLEASE help. It is not in my spam, nor my in box. it is not anywhere,

    • Hi! I have been in touch with my email provider. It turns out that the form doesn’t respond well to being auto-populated. Which is incredibly frustrating, I apologize for this inconvenience. I have manually added you, and emailed you the download as well, so you should have it for sure. <3

  18. ronda rhodes says

    Hi Carolina. I have been trying to download the California Block for days. I haven’t rec’d any e-mails and have checked all folders for it. Could you please help me. TIA

    • Hi Ronda!

      It looks like you were added to the list on August 29th. Just in case you haven’t gotten it, I’m emailing you the PDF as an attachment as well.

      Love and Quilts,
      Carolina Moore

      • ronda rhodes says

        I just checked and found your e-mail and got the block. Thank you very much. I’m not sure what happened, but I filled out the subscription several times since last Sunday, and also left several messages to you on this page. Just glad you got my message yesterday. Have a wonderful week

  19. Marcia Escarcega says

    I can’t wait to make this block! It’s so cute! And I loved the way of getting your pattern, I think it’s great the way it is, just follow the given instructions and the magic happens, a beautiful pattern. God Bless and thanks!
    Hint and hopefully help for others,
    Check your spam in your email, refresh your email, make sure when you input your name and email that it’s all correct and no extra spaces or even maybe have a friend try it and send it to you. Just a few things that I hope would help ones that are having issues. It really is an easy way of getting the pattern and used by many pattern designers. God Bless to all and remember, Have Fun and Smile 😃

  20. Barbara Serio says

    I love your block! I’m a California native currently living on the Central Coast between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. I wouldn’t have thought to use the poppy to represent the state but it’s absolutely perfect! Thank you for your great pattern.

  21. I still have not received the email that you promised. I am so sorry that you are having so much trouble with your beautiful block. Thank you for any help you can give.

    • I have contacted my email provider and hopefully they are looking into the issue. If you have any issues in the future, please feel free to email me directly. I just sent the file – you should have it in your inbox already. <3

  22. I have tried repeatedly over several days to sign up…I have used auto filled as well as self filled. I have not received the block pattern. The other blocks have been gathered in a few minutes, tops. This one seems overly complicated to me. It’s a lovely block but I don’t have anymore time to spend trying to get it. Thank you.

    • Hi! I’m so sorry you are having issues. That’s frustrating! I wish that, rather than getting frustrated, you would have reached out to me right away. That is why I have changed the form to let people know to email me if there are issues. If the best way to get you the block is to email it directly to you, I’m happy to do so. I just sent you an email with the file attached, so you will have it.
      I checked my email program and it looks like it was sent to you on the 29th. If you check your spam folder and scroll back to the 29th, you’ll probably find it there. <3

  23. Antoinette Vitrano says

    Hi Carolina,
    I have tried multiple times to receive this pattern by signing up for your newsletter, to which I have a subscription already. It never comes through. Can you help me? THANKS!

  24. Antoinette Vitrano says

    I have tried to download this block several times to no avail. Is there a way for me to obtain this block? Thanks so much for your help! I love this block!!!

  25. I believed I have signed up but I haven’t received your email to download the Poppy flower pattern.
    I would also like to receive your emails.
    Thank you,

  26. I have followed your instructions twice without success. As I scroll down, I see i am not the only one. I would appreciate the block, but your methods are not working.

    • Hi Julia!
      It seems about 3% of the hundreds of people who have signed up for this block have had issues. I agree, we should have a 100% success rate. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the issue is, so I have no idea how to fix it. With 97% of people getting on the list just fine, it is hard to track down the problem. Incredibly frustrating for the 3%, and me as well! If you have any ideas, please let me know.
      In the meantime, I have added you to the list. Your block download should be in your inbox. 🙂

  27. Joy Teague says

    I have tired several times to get your pattern of the California Poppy.
    Not sure what I’m doing but I never do receive your email to get the pattern.
    Thank you for any help you can give me.

  28. Sherri Thurman says

    How can I get your California Poppy Block pattern. It’s the only one I’m missing to date and I live in CA

  29. Is it possible to manually send me this beautiful quilt block please? I’ve filled in the form and checked my spam but it hasn’t arrived. I’m making a quilt for my Gran, who adores poppies.
    Many thanks for the time you’ve spent on this block.

  30. I have tired to get the California Poppy with the USA blockofthemo, but have been unable to get it.
    I have signed up and put my email in. In help you can give me would be appreciated.

    • Hi Joy! Sorry you were having issues. Not sure what the problem was, but I went ahead and sent you an email with the link. You should have it now. <3

      Carolina Moore

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