Monsters University Count Down Blocks

I picked up the pre-order copy of the Disney Movie Monsters University as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®. Yes, Monsters University is still in theaters, but you can reserve your BluRay Combo pack copy already! The movie won’t be available on your home screen until this fall, but you can buy it now and have it mailed to you when it is officially released. You can see my whole shopping trip here.

Monsters University Count Down Calendar

Before we count down the days to the movie release date, we’ll be counting down another special milestone in this house… my oldest is off to Kindergarten! I made a simple Monsters University Count Down Calendar that I can use with him to count down the days until he starts his first day of school… and then we can reuse it to count down to the movie release date – and lots of other special days!

count down block suppliesSuper simple to make, here is how you can make your own. You’ll need:
4 – 2″ wooden blocks
Small Wooden Plaque
Printed numbers (download my Monsters U numbers 1 through 6 and numbers 7 and up and print out.)
White Paint
Mod Podge


Paint the wooden pieces white. I painted each with 2-3 coats of paint. Allow the paint to dry.
Cut out all the numbered pieces. Use Mod Podge to adhere a number to each side of the blocks.

mod podge onto blocks

Add a coat of Mod Podge on top to make sure that the numbers stick well.

Use the numbers to count down to whatever special day you have coming up – school, vacation, a special trip… or the release of Monsters University on BluRay!

stacked blocks

Find out more about Monsters University on the Monsters U site or
Monsters U site or on the Disney Pixar Facebook Pagee.

Mod Melts Butterfly Decor

This post was sponsored by Plaid.

Mod Melts Butterflies hang from ceiling

Like most boys, my son loves bugs. But thankfully, he’s not very into spiders. Instead, he loves ladybugs and butterflies. If we’re at the park, he’ll find the only ladybug poking through the grass. And he has had a fascination with Butterflies lately. The ladybugs land on him – why won’t the butterflies?

I decided to make him his own butterflies that could hang from his ceiling. That way he could enjoy them, even if he can’t catch them! The Mod Melts made this very easy to do.

Plaid sent me some paint, a spouncer, the Mod Melts, and Mod Melts molds. To this I added some orange paint so that I could make the butterflies Monarchs, and some string to hang them with.

Mod Melts are easy to use – just insert them into a high-temp glue gun, and squeeze into the mold from the center out.

put melts into mold

I filled the mold about halfway, then added a string with a knot in it (so that it won’t pull out easily), and then filled up the mold the rest of the way.

insert string

After 10 minutes, I could pop out the butterfly, and he was ready to paint.

I tried painting him black, then adding the orange accents, but it worked better the other way around. First, I painted the butterflies orange, and let the paint dry.

paint base coat on butterflies

Then I added a thin layer of black paint to the spouncer and lightly tapped the black paint on. This painted the raised area, but kept the back area orange. Much easier than trying to get that detail with a paintbrush.

paint butterflies

I tied a thumbtack to the other end of the string, and hung the butterflies. My son loves it!

mod melts butterflies

I also made some simple paperclips! How will you use Mod Melts?

You can learn more about this fun new product if you catch up with Plaid on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or on the Paint Me Plaid Blog.

Check out these other fun ways you can use Plaid’s Mod Melts!

Clean Teeth, Clean Mouth with Colgate Total Advanced

This is a sponsored post.
 I was recently asked if I would take the 2-week Colgate Challenge. This involved using Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste, Colgate Total Advanced Mouthwash, and Colgate 360 Toothbrush. I’m a fan of clean teeth, a clean mouth, and less cavities, so I accepted!
I also accepted because I have a secret. I am deathly afraid of the dentist. I won’t go into all the whys and hows, but there are few things in life that scare me as much as driving myself to the dentist’s office and sitting in that chair. Which means that taking care of my teeth between dental visits is vitally important. Because the better care I can take of my teeth between appointments, the less agonizing those appointments will be. And, of course, the less “bonus” appointments I can have for procedures like filling cavities. Ugh.
I headed off to my local Walgreens to pick up everything I would need. You can see my full shopping trip here. I used my Walgreens Balance Rewards card, and I saved $5.86 on my purchase of mouthwash, toothpaste, and two toothbrushes. That’s some pretty serious savings!
I picked up both the soft bristle and medium bristle toothbrushes, just so that I could try them out. I’ve used the soft bristle already, and really liked it. 
I’ve started using the products already, and am super happy. The toothbrush is nice and soft, and I love the tongue and cheek cleaner on the back. The toothpaste is creamy with a pleasant taste. And the mouthwash… well, I’m impressed. In the past my standard for mouthwash was “as long as it doesn’t make me feel like I’ve got a mouthful of cleaning fluid, I’ll deal.” The Colgate mouthwash not only raised the bar, it completely blew the bar out of the atmosphere. I actually LIKE using this mouthwash!
I’ll be sharing the full results of this two week challenge on Instagram. I’ll come back and share on this post as well. Will you join me in the challenge for a cleaner teeth and a cleaner mouth?
Learn more about these and other great Colgate products on Facebook, Twitter, or on the Colgate Website.
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