How to make a T-shirt quilt from start to finish

It has been a couple years since I filmed my how to make a t-shirt quilt series. Time for an updated video! I got together with my friends at Prime … [Continue reading]

Blithe Blog Tour

Blithe Fabrics EPP Pillow

I'm so excited to be part of Katarina Roccella's Blithe Blog Tour! I've been a long-time fan of her whimsical fabric designs, and I have been a fan of … [Continue reading]

Pokemon Halloween Costumes

pokemon costumes

I thought I'd share our family Halloween Costumes this year. My boys, in all the Pokemon Craze, decided they wanted to be Pikachu and Raichu for … [Continue reading]

10 Reasons why this Mom Loves Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a new app that launched for Android and iOS platforms about a week ago. Chances are, you've heard about it, or you're living under a … [Continue reading]

Glory: Scrappy Flag Quilt Pattern

close up of Glory scrappy flag quilt

Happy 4th of July! A couple weeks ago, I had an idea for a Scrappy Flag Quilt. I went to my fabric stash and pulled assorted reds, then pulled out my … [Continue reading]

How to Host a Party at a Party Place

How to Host a Party at a Party Place - all the tips to make your party a success!

Usually, we have birthday parties for our kids at our house. We have a kid-friendly home, and enjoy having people over. Our new house isn't quite as … [Continue reading]

R2D2 Quilt

this R2D2 Quilt really shines - and is super easy to make!

My kids are crazy for Star Wars, and their favorite droid is R2D2. Which is why I made them this fun R2D2 quilt to hang on their wall. It is very … [Continue reading]

Working with Multiple Colors of DecoFoil

using multiple colors of decofoil

As a member of the Thermoweb Design Team, I've been working with the iCraft Decofoils since before they were available to consumers. I've had lots of … [Continue reading]

BB8 Pouf

Is your family Star Wars Crazy? With a house full of boys, you can bet mine is! My 3 and 7 year old boys love Star Wars. And the adorable Droids in … [Continue reading]

DecoFoil Projects

I'm on the Thermoweb design team, which means I get paid to work with the fun products that Thermoweb carries, and create all kinds of stuff... and … [Continue reading]