Fabric Airplanes

When I saw these Fabric Airplanes over at Everyday Chaos, I knew I needed to make some.I chose not to print out the pattern, I thought it was pretty … [Continue reading]

Finding Some New Friends on a Friday

(promised updates at the bottom of this message) Hello Friends! Seems there are quite a few "Friend Finding parties on the 'net on Fridays. I thought … [Continue reading]

I can’t show you…

I can't show you what I've been working on, but I still have plenty to share. Just because I can't show you beautiful pictures and detailed tutorials … [Continue reading]

Button, Button… match the button!

I needed to find 2 sets of matching buttons to use as eyes on softies I had made. So, I went to my hoard of buttons, which looks like this:You would … [Continue reading]

Apron with "Secret" Comfort Ruffles

The secret is out - I'm planning a fun week all about Pockets! August 1-7th, right here at ExpectMoore!Each Sunday before August 1st (starting today), … [Continue reading]

Turning Tiny Things

While I was making the Pincushion for my partner in the Pincushion Pass, there were tiny, tiny pieces. A tail, a head, and four little arms. Each … [Continue reading]

Zucchini Fries

I didn't have any bacon on hand to try out the Bacon Zucchini Casserole, so I made some Zucchini fries instead. They were yummy, and the parm in them … [Continue reading]

A Special Occasion & My New BFF

I hate glitter. No matter how hard you try, it gets on everything, and in everything. Glitter manages to multiply and spread itself across your entire … [Continue reading]

Getting Caught Up

At this point, I'm "only" a year behind. On my scrapbooking. On other things, I may be even further behind.Last week I had the opportunity to sit down … [Continue reading]

Independence Day Snacks

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to two BBQs, and had a blast. I volunteered to make desserts. Since we were going to 2 BBQs, I made 3 desserts, and … [Continue reading]