Zucchini Bread Recipe

I have a gigantic Zucchini plant in my backyard. And, it is giving me lots of zucchinis. My husband is convinced he doesn't like zucchini... so I need … [Continue reading]

Moore Jammies

At Christmas, Little Moore got several pairs of Pajamas. It is now June (Almost July), and he has outgrown them. Instead of buying all new pajamas, … [Continue reading]

An Engagement Card

I showed you the fortune "cookies" I made for my little bro and soon-to-be little-sis-in-law. I wanted to make a card to go along with it. Here is … [Continue reading]

No Moore Rooster

Yes, it is a very random title (thanks for noticing). But, there is a great story behind it. Okay, maybe not so great a story... more like … [Continue reading]

Pincushion Pass

For the Pincushion Pass, my partner had no specific preferences. No colors or designs... the field was wide open for me.I wanted to do something … [Continue reading]

Wedding Fortune "Cookies"

When I saw these Fabric Fortune Cookies that Crafti Staci made, I knew I wanted to make some! I hadn't done anything for my littlest bro to … [Continue reading]

Ruffle-Butt Onsie

I love having a little boy. I grew up with three brothers. I am not a big fan of the color pink. BUT that doesn't mean that I don't ooh and aah over … [Continue reading]

Friday Night Sew In

I was looking forward to the Friday Night Sew In... I was going to get Little Moore to go down early, I was going to put away all the blog reading and … [Continue reading]

Time for Others

I have been blessed with some amazing friends. One of them is Christy. She is a fantastic, beautiful person, who always has the right words. No matter … [Continue reading]

Using Cricut to Cut Fabric

A quick disclaimer: Read your Cricut Manual Thoroughly, and know what your machine is capable of before attempting anything I list here. Here it is! … [Continue reading]