Baby Shower Games

I was in charge of the games at my friend J's Baby shower. Of course I wanted to make sure all the ladies had a good time, as well as Momma-to-be. … [Continue reading]


It is getting hot here in Vegas. Although, today it dipped far below the 100s, and got into the 70s and 80s... it even rained a little up here where … [Continue reading]

Wrapping Paper Gift Bag

When wrapping an odd-shaped item, like clothing... it is always nice to have a box to wrap it in. But, if you don't have a box, and don't have any … [Continue reading]

Friday Night Sew In

Just discovered this, and I am ALL IN! An excuse to hang out in my craft room, in my jammies, and power through a bunch of my projects? YAY!Although, … [Continue reading]

What a list!

Wow! I feel like I've gotten a TON of stuff done! After completing all the things in the last post, I then made 2 cute little burp cloths for Baby M, … [Continue reading]

Made by Tante… for baby!

So, next weekend I'm off to a baby shower for my good friend J. We are so excited for her! This is her 3rd pregnancy... but only the first that has … [Continue reading]

I may not be here… but I am around

Both my sewing machine and serger are in the shop. Top that off with feeling crummy today... neither of which have anything to do with why I have not … [Continue reading]

Solving a Puzzling Mess

Little Moore is only 4 months away from turning 2! For his first birthday, he was given an assortment of wooden puzzles. Great for learning hand-eye … [Continue reading]

Something pretty for a rough day.

Last night, I noticed some red spots on Little Moore's skin. I figured it would be gone by morning. This morning, it was still there... and either it … [Continue reading]

If you don’t have a smile… I’ll give you one of mine

This card is sooooo going to my good friend J. She's been having some baby-blues... she and her hubby have had just about every conception problem … [Continue reading]