If you don’t have a smile… I’ll give you one of mine

This card is sooooo going to my good friend J. She’s been having some baby-blues… she and her hubby have had just about every conception problem under the sun, and the doctors are starting to talk about IUI, which means hormones, and lots of $moolah$…

I’ve been calling her about once a week to leave her a funny message, or sing her a funny song (out of key, of course… the only way I know how). I hope that this little pretty will brighten up her day!

For my inspiration, I used this week’s Sweet Sunday Sketch, and to follow through, I used today’s idea from 365 cards… which was to work a card all the way through… front, middle and back.

I started off with a plain ol’ white card, some grey paper with little grey dots (from Creative Memories), yellow cardstock, and some blue papers (the bottom one has a pretty pearly sheen that doesn’t come across well in the photo). The sticker is one I had in a stack from YEARS ago (at least 4 or 5), as well as the little memorabilia pocket. After I dug up the sticker, I KNEW it was what I wanted… and I knew that I had a smiley punch somewhere… After digging through 3 drawers, and finding an old business card holder and 2 different pairs of Fiskars paper Edging scissors… I found the smiley punch! Yup… I’m still not done organizing yet!

I trimmed off the square edges of the memorabilia pocket to make it round, cut a circle to fit (I don’t have a good circle cutter, and essentially did this freehand… any ladies have a suggestion of a good circle cutter to buy? I’m in the market for one…). I punched the smileys all in a row, and trimmed the smiley strip so it wouldn’t be behind the memorabilia pocket. I filled the pocket with blue and yellow smiley faces from my punching, glued it all together, and voila!

Oh, for the inside and back:

Nothing terribly fancy, just keeping it simple. : )

I’ll be posting moore soon!


  1. Nice card! I am sure your friend will smile when she have it in her hands… I love the sentiment you used. You are for sure a great friend!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Wow, great job, such a wonderful and special card!!!!!

  3. What a lovely and thoughtful card – it is sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face!!

  4. You are SUCH a sweet friend. What an amazingly nice thing for you to do for her!

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