Red Week Wrap Up and… Bonus Post!

Need a super quick Valentine’s Day t-shirt for Monday… just a couple quick steps, 5 minutes, and some drying time, and you’re all set…

You need… t-shirt, doily, red Simply Spray, and some 505 spray (temporary spray adhesive).
Start by spraying the 505 on the back of the doily, and press it firmly onto the shirt. This will help make your lines crisper.
Tuck away any parts of the shirt you don’t want to get spray on… in my case, the sleeves and the turtle neck. Then spray with the Red Simply Spray.
Very carefully pull off the doily. You’ll want to do this before the fabric spray paint hardens, so that you won’t be picking out little bits of paper.
Wait for it to dry, and you’re all set.

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