I’m going to be a Tante {Again!}

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I just finished writing this post… and got a text from my brother that “it is baby time!” They just got admitted to the hospital! 
Good luck F & K! I’m going to bed now… but I look forward to hearing all about my new niece when I wake up!

Yes, it was a couple weeks ago that we had the baby shower for my sister-in-law… and the new baby should be arriving any day now! This is the second baby for my bro and SIL, and so we did a low-key but fun little shower (a “sprinkle,” if you will).

I’m the second child in my family, so I can appreciate having a little party to welcome second children. After all… being the second child is ROUGH! Imagine your first day in Jr. High – you’re already incredibly nervous – and every teacher already has a pre-conceived notion of what kind of student you’re going to be because they’ve already had your brother in their class for a year.

So, this shower was different than the last one. My SIL’s wonderful sister threw the shower, and I helped out with some little things. I made a couple table decorations…

… yes, one of those pots is now part of a cactus pin cushion. I just love re-purposing! These little shapes were made on my Cricut. Super easy, but a little time consuming.

I have always wanted to do onesie decorating at a shower… but with a bigger shower it can not only get pricey to buy all the onesies and paint… but it is also tough to have enough space for everyone to be able to decorate. Since this was a more “intimate” group, it was the perfect opportunity!

The finished onesies all turned out super cute! We had such an amazing group of talented ladies!

And, these were the favors. The week before the party, I found this amazing recipe for Cake Batter Bark over on Smilemonsters. I don’t even remember how I got to it, maybe someone posted about this heaven-on-earth concoction on Twitter or Facebook. Not only is it super simple to make (and in the microwave!) but it also is SUPER YUMMY! Since the shower was just before Easter, it was easy to find cute bags to put the Cake Batter Bark in, as well as find shower-esque sprinkles!

We of course played shower games… I like picking out different shower games each time I help with a shower… my “go-to” site for shower games has become Baby Shower 101. There are a TON of games on there! You just spend an hour or so scrolling and reading…collect whatever materials you need…then show up at the shower and take all the credit for being super-creative! : )

…now we’re just waiting for the new baby to make her appearance!



  1. aw…. a baby! that’s so exciting! i wish them all the best too! i love that baby shower 101 site too, i have used a couple of games at baby showers! 🙂

  2. It is always exciting to welcome a new baby! I hope everything goes well and that you meet the new one very soon!

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