Little Red Sewing Chair with Krylon Dual

I can’t exactly remember when I got this chair. I think it was a $20 thrift-store find back in 2000. I spray-painted it white, then re-covered the seat. It has since seen a lot of use as a dining chair, bedside chair, spare chair, and more recently my sewing room chair.

After creating my fancy new framed quilt wall, I decided that it was way past time for my little chair to get spruced up. Since Krylon Paints sent me some of their Krylon Dual Paint and Primer spray paint, and I had asked for a couple cans in my favorite cherry red, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to turn this beat-up piece of furniture into a stand-out favorite piece.

If you’d like to make your own chair just like mine, you’ll need:
2 cans of Krylon Dual Paint and Primer in cherry red
1 old chair
Sand Paper
Piece of fabric, or charm squares, sewing machine, and fusible fleece
Staple gun

I started off with my poor little chair ready to fall apart. I used some wood glue and pushed the joints back together.
I then grabbed my cherry red spray paint, and carefully read the instructions.
I unscrewed the seat, removed it, then sanded off any areas the paint was uneven before, or any places that other paint had accumulated over the last decade.
I used the Krylon Dual Paint and Primer spray paint to paint the chair. I was careful to use several light coats. After the first several coats dried, I turned the chair upside down to spray from a different angle, and get between all the wood on the chair.
Then it was time to re-cover the seat. I could have used a regular piece of fabric, but as a quilter I wanted something a little more quilt-y. I grabbed 20 charm squares (5″ squares) from the brand new Ruby charm pack I just bought. I stitched them together patchwork-style.
Then I ironed some fusible fleece onto the back, and with my walking foot attached, stitched on either side of all the seams to give it a quilted effect.
Like I said, I could have just used a regular piece of fabric, and it would have been fine. Just not as fancy.
I put the old seat upside down on the upside down fabric. No need to take the old cover off.
I carefully wrapped up the sides, and stapled everything down with the staple gun.
After trimming off the extra fabric, I screwed the seat right back on the chair and voila!
Almost too pretty to sit on. Almost.

Krylon provided me with several cans of spray paint for free, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh wow! That’s absolutely amazing! You turned a plain old chair into such a good looking beauty! I’m in awe!

  2. That is gorgeous. I adore Krylon paint and can’t imagine using anything else for almost all my painting. I fell totally in love with it when I was matching old steel paper trays and plastic drawers and it painted everything beautifully and, eight years later, still no chips! Now, that’s cool paint! Thanks for sharing. You’ve done a beautiful job.

  3. I love the result!! It looks so sassy!!

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