Double-Diamond Mug Rug

I love things that look complex, but really aren’t. This is a mug rug that I made for a mug rug swap that I did waaaaay back in January.

A mug rug, by the way, is somewhere between a coaster and a placemat. A coaster is just big enough for one cup. A placemat is big enough for your cup, plate, silverware and all. A mug rug is supposed to fit your mug, and a treat – like cookies or a doughnut.

This mug rug looks complex, but there was no piecing at all for the top of this mug rug. Just fusing 2 pieces of fabric wrong-sides together, and then cutting them with the Double Diamond ruler, which is super quick and easy! Then, a third fabric as the background, and I stitched it all together as I quilted it.

Here is the back so that you can see the quilting. To add interest, I did piece 2 fabrics together for the back.

Although the top has raw edges from cutting the diamonds, this can be washed without it fraying because the diamonds are cut on the bias.

And yes, I did hand-stitch my binding down. Even though it was just a mug rug. I just love a proper-looking binding, no matter the project!

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