This week was brought to you by: Leftover Easter Candy

It seems I bought an insane amount of Easter Candy… which is what fueled this week… Here is a little of what we’ve been up to…

On this blog, I shared what we did for Easter.
Thanks to the Home Depot, I shared my yard embarrassment (with a commitment to get it fixed up!)
We’re preparing for Baby B’s first birthday… so I shared my thoughts on Birthday Invitations.

Over on CraftSnark, I shared my weekly inspiration on crafting.

Earlier this week I got my ears re-pierced. The back of my holes had closed up, and I want them to be earring-ready by SNAP conference in less than two weeks! To celebrate my soon-to-be earring-ready ears, I made the Easiest Earrings Ever over at 30 Minute Crafts. If those are too easy, I also shared the Second Easiest Earrings ever on that same post.

Today on 30 Minute Crafts, I shared a Flower Pin Corsage Brooch. It is a corsage that will last for more than a few days… and has some pretty CZ and crystal sparkle!

Speaking of Sparkle… If you missed my {{awesome}} April Fool’s Prank, I made a fictitious conference! Some friends helped me come up with the perfect speaker list, and I created a whole website of funny conference info… go check out SparkleCon when you have a minute!
(bonus points to those of you who got the “pun” of it being a “Con”!)

In my non-online life, I voted in our city elections on Tuesday, and yesterday the kiddos and I went on a bouncy playdate, played soccer, and got stranded in the parking lot with a dead car battery (and an expired AAA membership). Our membership has been updated, and we were stranded for less than an hour… so all-in-all things could have been MUCH worse.

One more exciting bit of news… this week it is official… I’m THE crafts expert on! In related news… I really need a new headshot photo.

I hope you had a fun and busy week!


  1. You are wearing me OUT! j/k You inspire me and I’m very, VERY grateful 🙂

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