Cricut Maker Block of the Week: The Sequel

It has been long-awaited, and I’ve finally shared the second set of 9 blocks for the sequel of the Cricut Maker Block of the Week!

If you’re not familiar with the series, the Cricut Maker Block of the Week is a 14-week long series I developed to teach people new to quilting, new to Cricut, or new to both Cricut and Quilting, how to make a mini quilt using their Cricut Maker.

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The results were amazing! I loved seeing all the fabulous quilts that everyone made using these tutorials. And some people asked if I could make even more blocks. And so I did! I created 9 more quilt blocks, filmed all the videos for them, and then had technical issues that delayed the launch of the series.

Finally, I sat down for two days and went through all the tech issues. I re-stitched each block to make sure that everything was correct. And then I launched the Cricut Maker Block of the Week: The Sequel. Here are all the videos for you to enjoy!

Each of these 9 blocks works with the original 9. So, you can use the same tutorials on sashing, borders, quilting, and binding to go along with these if you like.

Cricut Maker Block of the Week The Sequel: Intro

If you plan to make all 9 blocks, I’ve made it easy to do all the cutting at once. You can use this cut file to cut all the pieces for all the blocks now. There are numbers on this file that numbers each piece to let you know which block it belongs to. Cut file for all 9 blocks (sorted by color):

Here are links to supplies mentioned in the video. I’ve tried to give you two different places to find the supplies, so you can compare pricing. Cricut Maker Machine: (on the Cricut site) (on Amazon) Fabric: (on the Cricut site) (on Amazon) Fabric mat: (on the Cricut site) Fabric pen: (on the Cricut site) (on Amazon)

Block 1: Plus Block

Cut file for the plus block:

Block 2: Windmill Block

Cut file for the windmill block:

Block 3: Quarter Log Cabin

Cut file for the quarter log cabin block:

Block 4: Friendship Star

Cut file for the Friendship Star block:

Block 5: Modified Pinwheel

Cut file for the Modified Pinwheel block:

Block 6: Star Quilt Block

Cut file for the Star Quilt Block:

Block 7: Dutch Puzzle

Cut file for the Dutch Puzzle Quilt Block:

Block 8: Card Trick

Cut file for the Card Trick Quilt Block:

Block 9: Heart Block

Cut file for the Heart Quilt Block:

Go to the original Cricut Maker Block of the Week to get all the details on sashing, borders, quilting, and binding!


  1. Hey Carolina,
    The Week1 Plus Block is not correctly linked on the blog page for the Cricut Block of the Week, the Sequel. Thanks so much for doing this. Yours are the only quilt tutorials that I have found for my brand new Cricut Maker. I’ll provide photos when I get done.

    • Thanks for letting me know! I’ve updated the post to put the right video in there!

      I know there are a couple others out there who have done Maker quilt tutorials. But there aren’t a ton of us! Glad you are enjoying the videos. I can’t wait to see your projects!! <3

  2. I know it’s been awhile since you made theses videos, but i’m new to all of this. I really enjoyed your first set of BOTW videos, and am looking forward to the sequel. I am having difficulty downloading the cut files, however. It keeps saying the project is not available, saved as private. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance ! Laura

    • Hi! Yes, Cricut made some changes to their back-end which are making the files inaccessible via a computer. However, you can get to them on a mobile device. Hopefully, they’ll fix it soon. But in the meantime, the Cricut app on a phone or tablet should resolve the problem.

  3. I thought I ready posted this, but I can’t seem to find it. The cut files , for all 9 or for each individual block, won’t download. It says they are unavailable, saved as private. I had no problem using the cut files from the first series. Am i doing something wrong? Thanks, Laura

    • Cricut does some funny things with their back-end sometimes that sets things out-of-whack. A recent update made it so that you can’t see any of the files from a desktop or laptop computer, but you can see them from a mobile device. So, if you click the link from a mobile device, you can access the files. You can then save it to your files to use, if you prefer to cut from your computer.
      I know it is frustrating. I wish there was something I could do to fix it! All I can do is offer this workaround…

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