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For many quilters, we dabble in other crafts as well. Personally, I have shelves filled with ribbon, yarn, stamps, paint, styrofoam shapes, beads, and more craft supplies. Making custom mugs is a popular craft. For anyone interested in making a quilt mug for themselves or for a friend, I created this quilt mug design – and it is free! Plus, you can find links to many other free mug designs for all different occasions down below.

You can use the Cricut Mug Press to make your mug, or you can use another method such as permanent vinyl to attach your design. If you’re not familiar with the Mug Press, it is a tool that uses a sublimation process to fuse the ink into the surface of the mug, making it permanent and dishwasher safe.

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  1. Love the ease of the press! I do believe I need one.

  2. Brenda Hulsey says

    I would like to make the quilt mug.

  3. Terri Hauge says

    This looks to be a wonderful technique. I have a cricut and have applied vinyl to mugs, but it isn’t always durable. What an awesome way to make wonderful gifts.

  4. This would be wonderful to make all sorts of gifts for family and friends – Mother’s Day would be a wonderful first project.

  5. Joyce Sochacki says

    Looks great!! Very useful

  6. I would love to have a mug press! I am a big fan of personalized anything, and I think that making personalized mugs for presents would be awesome!

  7. Rosalind Gutierrez says

    Very clever and great idea for a quilter.

  8. Sharon Aurora says

    I would love to make mugs for my whole family and many of my friends.

  9. Pamela Curtis says

    Love this!

  10. Angie Terry says

    This is awesome! I’ve never seen these before.

  11. Padgett Lucinda says

    I Love To Sew!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dawn Wilder says

    What a cool tool!

  13. Cohni Ace says

    ooooh muuugs. Do we have any feedback on how they survive washing? Can they go in the dishwasher? I have so many CHOICE words I would love to put on a mug!!

  14. I’d put a picture of each of my grands on a mug!

  15. Hmm – If I’m understanding correctly, these are all patterns to use with the Cricut that I don’t have… But I’m very interested in learning about what pens to use to write on glass and pottery! In my dream world it would be a pen that I could use something like nail polish remover to fix any mistakes I make while writing….

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