Photo Backdrop

I decided I wanted something “nice” as a background for taking pictures of my work. Something simple, easy to store, and easy to make. I came up with using an old photo storage box (a cardboard shoe box might work too, but the photo storage box is made of thicker cardboard).

I took out the 2 small sides of the photo storage box… I did mention that it was an OLD box, right? This baby certainly has seen better days… and it will again now that it is being “up-cycled” to a photo backdrop! :o)

I put it upside down on my fabric (in this case some synthetic felt), notched the top at the folds (so it would fold up better, and glued down the flap with my glue gun.

I then cut in the sides of the fabric about an inch from the bottom of the box, stopping about an inch from the fold, and then notching it in (this will make it easier when I prop it up), and hot glued those flaps up.

All done! That easy! When I prop it up, I use the excess at the bottom as my table-cover, and tuck the flap behind. I suppose that I could have made the tops and bottoms of the backdrop the same, and just used an extra piece of fabric as the table cover… but then it might get lost in my workroom. As long as it is attached, they will stay together!

Now if only I had a backdrop for taking a picture of my backdrop… *sigh* I also kept the side flaps extra-long for any bigger projects, so that I’ll have plenty of “wiggle room” to take shots at different angles.

Oh, and it all wraps up neatly so it can get tucked away in my storage cubbies!

Let me know if you try out this method… I am considering making a larger one to photograph scrapbook pages, I just need to find a box the right size. I’d also love to hear what else you use as a backdrop when you photograph your beautiful works of crafty art!

Moore to come… soon! :o)


An Overdue Thank You…

Every October, my brothers and I join my mother in Southern California for the local Relay For Life. We have done it every year now for 7 years… since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The month leading up to the event, we collect donations. I’ve had the list of friends who sent in donations back in October of 2009 sitting around. It has moved from one place to another, but still it has sat, un-answered.

Today, I found the inspiration to do something about it, thanks in part to the Weekly Card Sketch over at Card Patterns. Using their sketch, I came up with a simple card using these supplies:
– Plain ol’ white card, bought in a value pack
– Pink textured mat paper form Matchmakers Matstack
– Green Polka-dot scrapbooking paper (that I’ve had for about a decade… hey, how old does scrapbooking paper have to be before it is considered “vintage?”
– Silver brads
– Pink ribbon (mine had cute polka dots!)
– Adhesive
– Thanks stamp (don’t know the maker)
– Ink Dots stamp pad (because I like the gel-quality of the ink for stamping on textured paper)
– Circle Stencil
– Scissors & Craft knife
– Polaroid POGO for printing the photo

I chose pink because of the Breast-cancer tie-in, and loved the contrast of the green and pink (and the photo I was using had pink and green in it – BONUS!). The green paper I found in my stash also had little white polka-dots on it, which tied in with the ribbon (DOUBLE BONUS!!).

I used my Polaroid POGO to print the image, and then cut it down from 3″ to 2.5″ to fit in my circle. I love the POGO because it is so quick and easy to use, especially when I still have my printer hooked up in the other room, AND the printer is out of ink (SIGH!). Nice that the POGO doesn’t use any ink, just special paper… at a cost of about $.30 a page, that is only about 2x as much as printing them at COSTCO. :o)

Keeping the design simple was great because I was making multiples. I made them assembly-line style, and it didn’t take much longer than just one card. I didn’t worry about imperfections from one card to the next, because I seriously doubt that two recipients are ever going to hold the cards side-by-side and compare the differences. Still, the basic measurements were the same. :o)

I’m so glad that I got this done, and I can finally check this off my “to do” list!
Now, if only I had some stamps…

Finish It Friday – Wedding Scrapbook/Guestbook

Okay, my title is a little misleading. It is now Saturday (practically Sunday!)… but YESTERDAY was my “Finish it Friday.” I decided to pick up a project that needed to be finished, and just “git ‘er done.”

I grabbed my wedding scrapbook. Mr. Moore and I got married back in August of 2006… so this poor scrapbook has been in the making for over 3 years now. Which, honestly, is about “par” for my unfinished projects (I have a quilt I made in the 7th grade that still has safety pins in it where it needs to be tied).

I spent a couple hours, did the last 17 pages… and this sucker is DONE!

We have a separate professional wedding album with formal wedding shots done by a professional photographer, and it is wonderful (only took me 2 years to get that baby ordered). 😛 The wedding scrapbook is a bit different. It uses all the photos from the disposable cameras we had at the wedding, includes parts of cards we’d gotten… AND serves as a “guestbook” of sorts.

Before the wedding, I made cards like this:

They are 4.5″x4.5″ pieces of black scrapbooking paper. On top, mounted with “old-timey” black photo corners is a 4″x4″ piece of white paper (you can’t tell in the photo, but I used paper with a pearly sheen to make it look more “fancy”).
On the pearly white paper is printed one of about two dozen or so open ended statements. “You’ll laugh a lot in life if you…” “The difference between men and women is…” “The key to feeling more rested and energetic is…” “You can be a good friend to someone else by…” “The key to spending less than you earn is…” “When thinking about if or when to have your own children consider…” “A funny joke or story is…”

Yup, all very open-ended, and about a variety of “life” subjects – money, love, children… life.

At the wedding, guests were invited to grab a card (or 2 or 3…) and fill in their opinion. They could sign them, or not. They then put them in a basket, for me to scrapbook together with the photos later (okay, MUCH later!).

Here is the result (drumroll please):

Tah Dah!!

There are tons of different page layouts. Some with just photos, some with just cards, most with both… I’d upload more photos, but Blogger is being finicky right now.

So, now I have a beautiful keepsake that my kids will enjoy for years and years… although they won’t be allowed to read it until they are at least 18. Um, there was an open bar at the wedding, and many of the cards are not exactly “G” Rated… : )

To begin…

I’ve been inspired by some of the wonderful bloggers out there. Their wit, their creativity, and their ability to stick with it! My goal is at least 1 blog post a week, about something that I’ve been up to.

To start… we just finished up our yard:

“We” being Mr. Moore, my wonderful husband and I… well… mostly Mr. Moore. I did the design, he approved it… and got to work. And only 2 years later, we have a yard!

Oh, I did do a little part of it…

Those are onions, with some leeks and peas in the background. Also, I’ve got some tomatoes, carrots, parsley, oregano, lettuce and spinach growing… all from seeds! I started them out in egg-crates, and transplanted them into the planter beds yesterday. Hopefully they will do well! I’m looking forward to some yummy garden-fresh veggies! : )

Well, that is what I’ve been up to lately… more later! : )